Tion. viagra online without prescription If you are taking one of the medications below and are dealing with constipation, check with your healthcare provider to see what you can do to get relief. buy viagra Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nsaids), including aspirin antacids containing aluminum hydroxide and calcium carbonate antidepressants iron tablets anticonvulsant drugs opioid analgesics narcotic-containing drugs a more serious side even though poor diet and a lack of exercise are two of the most common culprits when it comes to constipation, sometimes an underlying medical cause exists that may require attention. So if you are eating enough fiber and exercising regularly, and you're not taking any medications that cause constipation, see your doctor to help determine what may be causing your symptoms. viagra vs. viagra comparison Here are a few examples of medical conditions that may have constipation as a symptom: irritable bowel syndrome (ibs) hypothyroidism diabetes parkinson's disease lupus when a cause cannot be found sometimes, no matter what you do, you may still struggle to get regular. over the counter name for viagra If your constipation is chronic, and your doctor is unable to point to any underlying medical cause for your symptoms, you may have chronic idiopathic constipation, also known as chronic constipation (cc) or functional constipation. viagra pills This condition is characterized by constipation symptoms that last for more than 6 months, don't respond to the usual self-care strategies, and aren't associated with a particular disease or medical condition. viagra canada If you have cc, work with your healthcare provider to get relief. viagra cost When to call the doctor call your doctor if constipation has lasted for more than 3 weeks, if you suffer from frequent bouts of constipation, if you have constipation alternating with diarrhea, if your constipation is associated with abdominal pain or bloating, or if your constipation is in any way interfering with your quality of life. You should also call your doctor if you experience any of the following: blood in your stool; dark, tarry-looking stools pain during or after bowel movements constipation accompanied by unexplained weight loss or weight gain frequent constipation after years of normal bowel movements sweet relief constipation can be very uncomfortable. bbc news female viagra But with exercise and a good diet, a bout of constipation could be short-lived. buy viagra cheap For longer, more persistent problems with constipation, you and your doctor will like. viagra super active 100mg Office Hours
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